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Integrative Lifestyle Medicine
Praktijk voor Integrale geneeskunde, Natuurgeneeskunde en Orthomoleculaire geneeskunde (PNI) te Amsterdam

Katharina Deutsch, Arts

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Special info over Lyme

1st Consultation
(what treatment can I offer)

In the first consultation of 1 to 1.5 hours I take a detailed medical history. This includes for example: discussing the main current symptoms, the past medical history from birth onwards, family history and diet history.

In addition I also do a physical examination.

I then discuss which laboratory studies investigations are of importance to support the diagnosis, their costs and possible reimbursement of the costs.

The treatment  consists of diet and lifestyle advice, medication in the form of herbal therapy, vitamins and mineral supplements or treatments such as colon hydrotherapy, neural therapy, acupuncture or fasting for example. The Braverman analysis, breathing exercises and the Sedona method are treatments that may be discussed.

If necessary, I prescribe regular medicines. I communicate this with the GP, if the patient grants their permission.

What next?

Via e-mail or the post I will still give further information about nutrition or suggest measures such as specific advice based on what was discussed during the consultation.

A follow-up consultation of 30 to 45 minutes takes place four weeks after the intake.

During the intervening weeks, you can ask brief questions via e-mail.

What Laboratory tests are possible?

Blood and stool examinations take place in regular laboratories.

If necessary I also examine vitamins, minerals and hormones such as thyroid or adrenal cortex hormones or allergies such as celiac disease.

Private laboratories such as MGLab or RP vitamin are for extensive intestinal flora examinations, secretory IgA, inflammatory markers, for searches for fungi and celiac antibodies.

Lab Pro Health is a laboratory for Lyme tests, adrenocortical hormone in saliva, Immunopro 300 food intolerance, urinary thyroid analysis and for research into toxic loads.

Ganz Immun  and BCA (Augsburg) in Germany are labs where more extensive Lyme tests are conducted.


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