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Integrative Lifestyle Medicine
Praktijk voor Integrale geneeskunde, Natuurgeneeskunde en Orthomoleculaire geneeskunde (PNI) te Amsterdam

Katharina Deutsch, Arts

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Speciale info over Lyme

Methods of Treatment

Nutritional therapy

Even with an excellent diet, deficiencies of vitamins, minerals or aminoacids can occur for various reasons. Through a detailed medical history and careful examination I suggest a holistic diagnosis and recommend therapy in the form of supplements, regular medication, nutritional- and lifestyle advice.

In principle this therapy can be applied to all patients.


This is herbal medicine aimed to restore and maintain the balance. Herbs are well known for their strong healing on an emotional level as well as a physical level.

I frequently apply this therapy in combination with nutritional therapy for an optimal effect.

Treatment is in the form of tinctures, dry herbs, teas, poultices etc.

Detoxifciation Therapy

By fasting and following special elimination diets the body can function better, releasing all kinds of toxins and waste which can reduce long-term symptoms.

This therapy is to promote the overall health and I apply it to people with MCSD (Multiple Chemical Sensitive Disorder), people with allergies or people with chronic conditions such as arthritis, migraine, IBS etc.

Neural Therapy

This is a therapy involving injections of procaine/lidocaine in triggerpoints and scars to reduce symptoms or make them completely disappear.

I apply this therapy for acute back pain (lumbago), chronic joint pain, painful or irritated scars, months or even years after surgery, or if an old scar could be a source of irritation.