Katharina Deutsch

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine
Praktijk voor Integrale geneeskunde, Natuurgeneeskunde en Orthomoleculaire geneeskunde (PNI) te Amsterdam

Katharina Deutsch, Arts

BIG nr: 69 052520401
AGB code: 84-023877
Member ABNG 2000
nr: 015115 RL
Member MBOG nr: 558 AL
AVIG member nr : 976


Schalk Burgerstraat 17,
1092 JW Amsterdam
M 06 513 10 408

Speciale info over Lyme

Rates 2017

Consultations are calculated according to length of the consultation

First consultation                                    90 min165 euros
Follow-up consultation                         60 min120 euros
Follow-up consultation                         40 min100 euros
Follow-up consultation                         30 min70 euros
Telephone consultation                        20 min50 euros
Telephone consultation                        15 min40 euros
Telephone consultation                        10 min30 euros
Taking bloods outside
of a consultation                                      10 min
30 euros
Oligoscan55 euros
Prescription request by phone or email30 euros

Please pay afterwards by PIN.

Consultations are partially or fully reimbursed by the additional insurance provided that you are insured for alternative medicine.

If you are prevented from attending a consultation, cancel at least 2 working days in advance, and the reserved time will not be charged

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