Katharina Deutsch, Doctor, Practice for Integrative medicine,
Naturopathy and Orthomolecular medicine (PNI) in Amsterdam





Katharina Deutsch, Doctor

BIG nr: 69 052520401

AGB code: 84-023877

Member ABNG 2000
nr: 015115 RL

Member MBOG nr: 558 AL

AVIG member nr : 976


Schalk Burgerstraat 17,

1092 JW Amsterdam


M 06 513 10 408
E info@kdeutsch.nl

Appointment, repeat prescription etc (only for patiens dr Deutsch)


You can schedule your appointments with the online agenda.(in Dutch!)

K. Deutsch Praktijk voor Integrale geneeskunde,
Natuurgeneeskunde en Orthomoluculaire geneeskunde (PNI)


PLEASE NOTE: from 27 February, all appointments in
Schalk Burgerstraat 17, 1092 JW Amsterdam


Through the links below (click on the headers then you will be redirected to the calendar), you can make specific arrangements for consultations with Katharina Deutsch


The waiting time for a first intake consultation is currently 5-6 months. These appointments cannot be made online. If you would like to register as a new patient please let a message behind on the answering machine or send and email and you will be contacted. Please check first on the front page of the website, if there is a patient stop.



As of 15th of october 2018 (after the holiday), there will be some changes in the appointments system at the practice. See below.



From 15th of october:


Some weeks will only be live consultations in Amsterdam and infusions. Other weeks will only be telephone consultations.

Because of this arrangement, the live follow up consultations will be exclusively for 40 mintues (no more 30 minute options) and the intakes will continue to be for 75 - 90 minutes.

Telephone consultations will be booked for 30 minutes (not shorter) and only in the weeks when there are no live consultations.

As is the practice now, if the consultation is shorter than the booked time and there is no complex work left to follow after the meeting, then the fee will also be reduced according to the time used.




FOLLOW UP consultations

duration 40 minutes - the same

(follow 30 minutes - will be canceled)



only possible between 12.00 -12.15 or 12.15-12.30 or 16.45

duration 15 minutes


ALL BLOOD TAKING OUTSIDE OF CONSULTATIONS can be at the Ambonplein 55, 1094 PW Amsterdam. But you need to ask me for a blood form first.



Duration -30 mintues

The fee will be calculated depending on the length of the consultation PLUS the follow up work - such as prescriptions and summaries of the treatment plan 


Repeat prescriptions

Please send a mail with you request. Please name clearly the medication and dosage and the email address of your pharmacy. Prescriptions made outside of appointment cost 30 euros.

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